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dc.contributor.advisorCollins Klobah, Loretta
dc.contributor.authorValle García, Yzahira R.
dc.description.abstract3er Turno and Other Normal Stories is a collection of short speculative fiction. The seven short stories move from a trilogy of flash fiction about everyday encounters with Puerto Rican legends such as La Llorona and a gargoyle, to a sci-fi tale about multiverse translators of the language of a forcibly relocated race, to the most experimental near-future story of weather warfare using man-made hurricanes. Though differing in narrative style, all the stories explore the blending of the fantastical with the mundane. “3er Turno” peeks into one night in the life of a janitor at a nearly normal Puerto Rican airport. “Jangeos Folklóricos” gives us three micro-stories about a guy who bumps into a gargoyle, a la Llorona who no longer must just wait and wail by the side of the road, and an eldritch salvage yard worker who has any replacement part you need, for the right price. “Lost in Translation” follows a Puerto Rican and an alien as they work on a universal translator. “Fausta” shows how a demonic sacrifice can be tricky for both the devil and a bargaining woman. “Thick of the Woods” warns about the dangers of making friends with cabin dwellers. “New QuickMemo” recalls the encounter between a passenger and what lurks in the JetBlue terminal. Finally, “The Last Weather War” tells the fragmented story of world empires trying to control the weather. Meshing the ordinary with the extraordinary, the inviting and subtly ironic stories play out accidental meetings between strangers, unexpected connections between diverse human, supernatural, and otherworldly characters, and geopolitics on both a planetary and intergalactic scale.en_US
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States*
dc.subjectSpeculative fictionen_US
dc.subjectShort storyen_US
dc.subjectCaribbean monstersen_US
dc.subjectMagical realismen_US
dc.subject.lcshAmerican literature--Puerto Rican authorsen_US
dc.subject.lcshSpeculative fiction, Puerto Ricanen_US
dc.subject.lcshScience fiction, Puerto Ricanen_US
dc.subject.lcshShort stories, Puerto Ricanen_US
dc.title3er Turno and Other Normal Tales : Short Speculative Fictionen_US
dc.title.alternativeTercer Turno and Other Normal Talesen_US
dc.rights.holder©2023, Yzahira R. Valle Garcíaen_US
dc.contributor.committeeKuwabong, Dannabang
dc.contributor.committeePolhill, Marian E.
dc.contributor.committeeRivera Vega, Carmen Haydée
dc.contributor.campusUniversity of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campusen_US
dc.description.graduationSemesterSpring (2nd Semester)en_US

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States
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