The University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla (UPRAg) is a public, coeducational institution, one of the eleven autonomous campuses comprising the University of Puerto Rico System. It is located on a former Ramey Air Force Base on the northwestern region of the island. It serves a population largely drawn from the surrounding municipalities. The former name of UPRAg was Aguadilla Regional College (known as CORA, Spanish acronym for Colegio Regional de Aguadilla). Established by means of Certification number 63-1971-72 of the Council of Higher Education of Puerto Rico on April 7, 1972. Since then, CORA was incorporated to the Central Administration of Regional Colleges and given tasks analogous to other regional higher education colleges, which were to “offer preparatory programs for transfer to higher education and training programs in professional careers and associate degrees”. In the past three to four decades, the former regional colleges, including CORA, have evolved from offering a variety of two year programs in the field of technology and baccalaureate programs in several fields of knowledge.

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  • Entre el recuerdo y el olvido: las memorias de los exiliados antitrujillistas 

    Bonilla-Carlo, Walter R. (Revista Mexicana del Caribe, 2003)
    En este artículo se analiza cómo el exilio construyó su lucha en contra de Trujillo desde la memoria y el olvido, a partir del poder evocativo y político presente en relatos autobiográficos. Un elemento importante al abordar ...
  • Del Cono Sur al Caribe: La historiografía del exilio en Argentina, Chile y República Dominicana (1980-2004) 

    Bonilla-Carlo, Walter R. (Redalyc, 2006-01)
    En este ensayo el Dr. Walter Bonilla recalca la historiografía del exilio político dominicano, argentino y chileno durante los últimos veinticinco años. Ademas recalca el impacto de éste en la memoria e identidad cultural, ...
  • Weather Radar Data Visualization Using First-Order Interpolation 

    Kvasov, Roman; Cruz-Pol, Sandra; Colóm-Ustáriz, José; León Colón, Leyda; Rees, Paula (IGARSS, 2013)
    In this article we present the visualization of NEXRAD reflectivity data by means of first-order (bilinear) interpolation. We provide the comparison of the raw and interpolated data with the corresponding values ...
  • Analytical Modeling of Vibration of Micropolar Plates 

    Steinberg, Lev; Kvasov, Roman (2015-05)
    This paper presents an extension of mathematical static model to dynamic problems of micropolar elastic plates, recently developed by the authors. The dynamic model is based on the generalization of Hellinger-Prange-Reissner ...
  • Numerical modeling of bending of micropolar plates 

    Kvasov, Roman; Steinberg, Lev (Elsevier, 2013)
    In this paper we present the Finite Element modeling of the bending of micropolar elastic plates. Based on our recently published enhanced mathematical model for Cosserat plate bending, we present the micropolar plate field ...