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dc.contributor.authorFourquet, Jessica
dc.contributor.authorGao, Xin
dc.contributor.authorZavala, Diego
dc.contributor.authorOrengo, Juan C.
dc.contributor.authorAbac, Sonia
dc.contributor.authorRuiz, Abigail
dc.contributor.authorLaboy, Joaquín
dc.contributor.authorFlores, Idhaliz
dc.identifier.citationFourquet J, Gao X, Zavala D, et al. Patients’ report on how endometriosis affects health, work, and daily life. Fertility and sterility. 2010;93(7):2424-2428. doi:10.1016/j.fertnstert.2009.09.017.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe objective of this study was to assess the burden of endometriosis by obtaining Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) data describing the experience of living with this disease. Survey data from one hundred and seven women with self-reported, surgically diagnosed endometriosis showed that living with this disease may be characterized by physical limitations that disrupt health, work and daily life.en_US
dc.subjectpatient-reported outcomesen_US
dc.subjectpelvic painen_US
dc.subjectmenstrual painen_US
dc.subjectwork performanceen_US
dc.titlePatients’ report on how endometriosis affects health, work, and daily lifeen_US
dc.local.DepartmentDepartment of Biologyen_US
dc.local.FacultySelect from the list belowen_US
dc.contributor.campusUniversity of Puerto Rico at Ponce

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