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dc.contributor.authorGarza, Jeremiah R.
dc.contributor.authorAcosta-Pérez, Edna
dc.contributor.authorPrelip, Michael
dc.contributor.authorMcCarthy, William J.
dc.contributor.authorFeldman, Jonathan M.
dc.contributor.authorCanino, Glorisa
dc.contributor.authorOrtega, Alexander N.
dc.identifierEthnicity & Disease, 21(2): 163–169.en
dc.identifier.citationGarza, J. R., Pérez, E. A., Prelip, M., McCarthy, W. J., Feldman, J. M., Canino, G., & Ortega, A. N. (2011). Occurrence and correlates of overweight and obesity among island Puerto Rican youth. Ethnicity & Disease, 21(2), 163–169.en_US
dc.identifier.issn1945-0826 (online)
dc.description.abstractObjective & Main Outcome Measures: This paper provides 2005–08 population-based prevalence data on obesity and overweight among youth residing in Puerto Rico.en_US
dc.description.abstractDESIGN AND SETTING: Data for this report are from the Asthma, Depression, and Anxiety in Puerto Rican Youth (ADA) study. Measures included height and weight level data on youth in Puerto Rico aged 10 to 19 years with and without asthma as well as body mass index data on their caregivers.en
dc.description.abstractPARTICIPANTS: A total of 436 youth-caregiver dyads were selected and weighted to represent the general population of youth in Puerto Rico using 2008 US Census data.en
dc.description.abstractRESULTS: Household surveys demonstrated that 40% of youth aged 10 to 19 were overweight or obese. Twenty-five percent met moderate-to-vigorous-intensity physical activity guidelines, however, physical activity was not associated with overweight or obesity in this sample. In multivariate analyses, females were 50% less likely than males to be overweight or obese. Older youth were 73% less likely to be overweight or obese than younger youth. Youth whose parents were obese were more than two times more likely to be overweight or obese than those whose parents were at a desirable weight.en
dc.description.abstractCONCLUSIONS: Youth in Puerto Rico have higher rates of overweight and obesity and lower compliance to moderate-to-vigorous-intensity physical activity guidelines than rates reported for youth on the mainland. More population-based research is needed to understand the epidemiology of obesity and overweight among island Puerto Rican youth and the contribution of physical activity to the phenomenon.en
dc.description.sponsorshipGrant support: P50 HL105188/HL/NHLBI NIH HHS/United States P60 MD002261/MD/NIMHD NIH HHS/United States R25 RR017589/RR/NCRR NIH HHS/United States R01 MH069849/MH/NIMH NIH HHS/United States 5P60 MD002261-02/MD/NIMHD NIH HHS/United Statesen_US
dc.publisherInternational Society on Hypertension in Blacksen_US
dc.subjectPhysical Activityen_US
dc.subjectPuerto Rico/epidemiologyen_US
dc.subject.meshHispanic Americans/statistics & numerical dataen
dc.subject.meshPuerto Rico/epidemiologyen
dc.titleOccurrence and correlates of overweight and obesity among island Puerto Rican youthen_US
dc.description.FacultySchool of Medicineen_US
dc.description.DepartmentDepartment of Medicineen_US
dc.contributor.campusUniversity of Puerto Rico, Medical Science Campus

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